News : There’s plenty of steam in the tank at Lohrmanns!

fröhliche Menschen und goldenes Konfetti
The Lohrmanns family has grown quite a bit in recent weeks. Over 367 people have invested in Lohrmanns Brew within a crowdinvesting campaign.

Alre­ady within the first 7 days the fun­ding tar­get of400,000 was excee­ded and less than 4 weeks later the pro­ject rea­ched the maxi­mum over­sub­scrip­tion limit of € 500,000.

Loo­king at the 367 inves­tors, Fran­cisco Arroyo, CEO of Lohr­manns, says: »We are proud to announce that the foun­ders them­sel­ves, the entire team, fri­ends and fans and regu­lar Seed­match inves­tors from all over Ger­many have inves­ted. Among others, some from the bre­wing indus­try. The high response from inves­tors shows us once again that we have posi­tio­ned Lohr­manns well in the mar­ket and that our pro­ject has great poten­tial , not only because of our uni­que ori­gin story, but also because of our com­pel­ling craft beers and the deve­lo­p­ment of our own pub brewery.«