How we work together

Principles of conduct and guidelines for action
for TUDAG TU Dresden Aktiengesellschaft and
for subsidiaries of the TUDAG Group

The princi­ples of con­duct for­mu­late the essen­tial rules and princi­ples for respon­si­ble and legally cor­rect beha­vior by all employees and thus reflect the values that are bin­ding for us as the TUDAG Group.

How the TUDAG Group is per­cei­ved by the public depends lar­gely on each indi­vi­dual. By aligning our actions with high ethi­cal and legal stan­dards, we create trust, pre­vent con­flict situa­tions and pro­tect the repu­ta­tion of the TUDAG Group.

The principles of conduct are intended to provide uniform, practically applicable and coherent guidance for everyday business situations. They apply to all employees; in addition, our managers must actively fulfill their role model function.

It is crucial that all employees live the corporate values and our principles of conduct and use them as a benchmark for their actions, as well as actively communicating their content. This is the only way to ensure the long-term success of the TUDAG Group.