Our shared services -
Tailwind for members of the TUDAG family

With its Shared Ser­vices, TUDAG offers its sub­si­dia­ries and affi­lia­tes a high-per­for­mance admi­nis­tra­tive sup­port and infra­struc­ture that covers all important func­tions of busi­ness ope­ra­ti­ons. With their pro­fes­sio­nal exper­tise, the Shared Ser­vices pro­vide the neces­sary sup­port that enables the com­pa­nies in the group to focus on their core busi­ness competencies. 

Team Office

The Team Office and the Ser­vice Depart­ment sup­port TUDAG com­pa­nies with all admi­nis­tra­tive tasks. Our core tasks include tele­phone ser­vice, mail pro­ces­sing, appoint­ment coör­di­na­tion, room allo­ca­tion, infra­struc­ture sup­port and event manage­ment. The Team Office is TUDAG’s inter­face for inter­nal and exter­nal communication. 

Human Resources Management

TUDAG’s Human Resour­ces Manage­ment offers cus­to­mi­sed solu­ti­ons for all human resour­ces issues. Our core tasks are con­tract manage­ment and labour law, per­son­nel admi­nis­tra­tion and deve­lo­p­ment, pay­roll accoun­ting and recruiting. 

IT & Infrastructure

TUDAG’s IT team mana­ges the infra­struc­ture and the ser­vice desk for curr­ently 15 com­pa­nies of the TUDAG Group. In addi­tion, the shared ser­vice includes the manage­ment of exter­nal ser­vice pro­vi­ders, the imple­men­ta­tion of IT pro­jects, appli­ca­tion ope­ra­tion and infor­ma­tion secu­rity consulting. 

Finance & Accounting

The Finance & Accoun­ting depart­ment is respon­si­ble for the day-to-day accoun­ting of com­pa­nies. In addi­tion, the team pre­pa­res finan­cial state­ments and finan­cial reports, coor­di­na­tes tax issues and pro­vi­des com­mer­cial advice for curr­ently 21 com­pa­nies of the TUDAG Group.