News : TUDAG sells its shares in Infrasolid GmbH

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The specialist for thermal IR radiation sources will in future be managed by the Swiss Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG.

Inno­va­tive Sen­sor Tech­no­logy IST AG (IST AG), a Swiss sen­sor spe­cia­list and part of the Endress+Hauser Group, today announ­ced the majo­rity acqui­si­tion of Infra­so­lid GmbH. In the course of this, TUDAG TU Dres­den Akti­en­ge­sell­schaft, which has sup­ported the com­pany since 2018 (seed finan­cing), is also sel­ling its shares. 

Dres­den, Febru­ary 25, 2022 - Inno­va­tive Sen­sor Tech­no­logy IST AG (IST AG) today announ­ced that it has acqui­red a majo­rity stake in Infra­so­lid GmbH, a port­fo­lio com­pany of TUDAG TU Dres­den Akti­en­ge­sell­schaft, as part of its growth stra­tegy. As part of the tran­sac­tion, TUDAG is sel­ling its entire stake in the Dres­den-based deep-tech hard­ware start-up. IST AG, a sub­si­diary of the Endress+Hauser Group, is a lea­ding sup­plier of phy­si­cal, che­mi­cal and bio­lo­gi­cal sen­sors with the aim to become one of the lea­ding sup­pli­ers in stan­dard as well as cus­to­mi­zed sen­sor tech­no­logy. With its entry into Infra­so­lid, IST AG is expan­ding its pro­duct port­fo­lio to include com­pon­ents for opti­cal infrared (IR) mea­su­re­ment technology.

Infra­so­lid GmbH was foun­ded in May 2017 as a spin-off of the Insti­tute for Solid State Elec­tro­nics at TU Dres­den and curr­ently employs 14 peo­ple. Infra­so­lid deve­lops, manu­fac­tures and mar­kets ther­mal IR radia­tion sources that are used in the field of infrared (IR) ana­ly­sis as well as in the near-infrared (NIR) range and have bet­ter per­for­mance para­me­ters than con­ven­tio­nal IR radia­tion sources. The glo­bally paten­ted tech­no­logy enables, above all, grea­ter minia­tu­riza­tion through a spe­cial design, while still main­tai­ning com­pe­ti­tive per­for­mance para­me­ters, and auto­ma­ted mass production.

The areas of appli­ca­tion for Infra­so­li­d’s IR/​NIR emit­ters range from gas ana­ly­sis, e.g. in the fields of emis­sion moni­to­ring, envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion and safety, to the oil, gas and che­mi­cal indus­tries, food ana­ly­sis and medi­cal appli­ca­ti­ons. Due to the high minia­tu­riza­tion and auto­ma­tion poten­tial, novel or mobile appli­ca­ti­ons are also pos­si­ble, e.g. in the areas of smart home, auto­mo­tive, health­care, IoT and smartphone.

TUDAG has actively sup­ported the com­pany’s deve­lo­p­ment since spring 2018 tog­e­ther with co-inves­tors VNG Inno­va­tion from Leip­zig, TGFS Tech­no­lo­gie­grün­der­fonds Sach­sen from Leip­zig and WEGVISOR from Chem­nitz. The team led by Dr. Marco Schos­sig, Dr. Tobias Ott and Ben­ja­min Buch­bach has since suc­cee­ded in com­ple­ting the pro­duct deve­lo­p­ment of the infra­so­lid emit­ters, buil­ding up its own manu­fac­tu­ring capa­ci­ties and con­vin­cing more than 100 cus­to­mers from over 20 count­ries to use the infra­so­lid emit­ters. »We would like to thank our inves­tors VNG Inno­va­tion, TUDAG, WEGVISOR as well as the lead inves­tor TGFS for the trust they have pla­ced in us and at the same time we would like to thank the other part­ners in the Saxon eco­sys­tem for the inten­sive and suc­cessful coope­ra­tion«, sum­ma­ri­zes Dr. Marco Schos­sig, foun­der and CEO of Infra­so­lid GmbH.

For TUDAG, which has held com­pa­nies as a hol­ding com­pany in the field of know­ledge and tech­no­logy trans­fer since its foun­ding in 2000, this is ano­ther step in TUDA­G’s startup sector.

suc­cessful exit. »We thank the foun­ders and the entire team of Infra­so­lid GmbH for the suc­cessful and always very good coope­ra­tion,« said Fran­cisco Arroyo, head of invest­ment manage­ment at TUDAG. He adds, »We wish the mana­ging direc­tors all the best and maxi­mum suc­cess in the future and will fol­low the com­pany’s future deve­lo­p­ment with interest.«