News : DIU: successful meeting with Energy Saxony e.V.

Mitarbeitende der DIU und von
At the introductory meeting with Dr. Frances Zedler, Christiane Demmler, Constantin Wolf and the DIU team, represented by Jana Schulle, Daniela Palcu, Laura Byfut, Prof. Dr. Antonio Hurtado and Armin Bieler, possibilities, measures and new ideas for cooperation were discussed.

Aca­de­mic fur­ther trai­ning: The dyna­mic energy sec­tor requi­res a con­stant adapt­a­tion of skills and know­ledge in sui­ta­ble formats.

New topics from the asso­cia­tion and exis­ting offers, such as the Mas­ter’s degree pro­gram »Hydro­gen Tech­no­logy and Eco­nomy (M. Sc.)«, were the sub­ject of the exchange.

Events: Many for­mats and ideas for events, net­wor­king events and expert mee­tings are also inter­sec­tions that will make up the col­la­bo­ra­tion in the future.

As a new mem­ber of Energy Sax­ony, we look for­ward to con­tri­bu­ting our edu­ca­tio­nal exper­tise and working tog­e­ther to find solu­ti­ons to the chal­lenges facing the industry.