News : CompliancePLUS – The GWT Compliance Newsletter

Compliance can be translated most simply as "adherence to rules". To help you keep track of this extensive field, there will be the GWT "CompliancePLUS Newsletter" from our Legal team in the future.

Since Novem­ber, our pro­ject mana­gers have been recei­ving a second infor­ma­tion mai­ling on the topic of com­pli­ance in addi­tion to the clas­sic GWT news­let­ter. The new for­mat informs our sci­en­tists about daily legal and com­pli­ance topics pro­vi­ded by our legal team.
The first edi­tion of Com­pli­ancePLUS  was devo­ted to the topics of data pro­tec­tion, employ­ment of family mem­bers, the reform of the Veri­fi­ca­tion Act and legal regu­la­ti­ons on secon­dary employment.
Anyone wis­hing to receive this or future edi­ti­ons, sim­ply cont­act compliance@g‑