News : Become part of Lohrmanns at Seedmatch now

3 Flaschen Lohrmanns Bier
Lohrmanns Brew is the first university brewery in Germany. The beers are the excellent result of brewing science. At Seedmatch you can now become part of the success story.

Lohr­manns Brew – Germany’s first spin-off uni­ver­sity bre­wery – deve­lo­ped with pas­sion during a bre­wing intern­ship at Dres­den Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­sity, is the result of a pro­ject that has rea­ched mar­ket matu­rity. The result is two excep­tio­nal beers – Lohr­manns Pils and Lohr­manns Hell – with uni­ver­sity depth and aca­de­mic wort, which are now sold or ser­ved at over 85 loca­ti­ons in the Dres­den area.

The team is made up of aca­de­mics and beer lovers with excel­lent pala­tes and first-class beer know-how. Pro­fes­sors from the TU Dres­den and young beer enthu­si­asts take care of taking the vision and the beer out of the brew kett­les into the world. All dri­ven by the fasci­na­tion of get­ting the best out of four ingredients.

The mis­sion: to pro­duce Lohrmann’s Brew our­sel­ves in the heart of Dres­den – at Kraft­werk Mitte – to start direct sales from the keg and to share our love for beer and bre­wing with our guests in our own bre­wery pub.

The way: Crowd­in­ves­t­ing at Seed­match.