News : On the traces of the Dresden pavement (stones)

EIPOS tour paving
During the "pavement tour", current construction sites could be visited and paved streets and squares could be professionally examined under the guidance of Dr. Wolf and Prof. Wellner.

During the »pave­ment tour«, the par­ti­ci­pants of the EIPOS advan­ced trai­ning course »Spe­cia­list engi­neer for pave­ment con­struc­tion« had the chance to admire under their feet Dresden’s his­to­ric pave­ment from Albert­platz to Neu­markt. Under the pro­fes­sio­nal gui­d­ance of the lec­tu­rers Dr. Wolf and Prof. Well­ner, cur­rent con­struc­tion sites were visi­ted and paved streets and squa­res were pro­fes­sio­nally inspec­ted during this excursion.