ConnCons GmbH

intelligent medical supplies

Conn­Cons deve­lops smart medi­cal sup­plies that use infor­ma­tion tech­no­logy to increase the level of auto­ma­tion in regu­la­ting and moni­to­ring medi­ca­tion during the­ra­pies. Mul­ti­ple the­ra­peu­tic mea­su­res curr­ently require a high degree of error-prone coor­di­na­tion, com­bi­ned with a large num­ber of indi­vi­dual mea­su­res to be con­trol­led by medi­cal staff.
The goal of Conn­Cons is to auto­mate the mar­ket in the field of digi­tal con­trol of, among other things, medi­cal fluid the­ra­pies, thus gene­ra­ting a com­pe­ti­tive advan­tage that will lead to a signi­fi­cant mar­ket share in a com­mer­ci­ally attrac­tive segment.